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Basement Remodeling

Since Frank believes that a basement is the most cost effective way to increase living space in your home, they do not want your basement remodel to look like a basement. Frank will see to it, where possible, that the support columns in your walls are hidden from plain view. They also offer many different kinds of themes you can design into your basement remodel, or something new to be created together!

Properly Sealing Your Remodeled Basement in the Poconos

Given the climate in the Poconos, Frank feels it’s imperative that a basement remain dry. So he’ll make sure that your house’s foundation walls are properly waterproofed, and that the drains in its overall structure are adequate before beginning the remodeling of your basement.

Ceiling & Window Heights in your Remodeled Basement

Drop ceilings are recommended and also very important. This allows you access to additional services throughout your home. Frank looks for a minimum finished ceiling height of 7’6”. And he prefers that this ceiling height remain uniform throughout the entire basement. Basement remodeled windows are no problem to be properly boxed out and finished nicely according to your remodeled basement theme.


Adequate closet space reduces the clutter in your home and makes you more organized. Frank will work with you to make sure you have the right layout for your needs, and that your closets are large enough with adequate light.

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