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Electrical Services


Frank’s thoroughness reveals itself in every electrical contracting job. At the job site, whether on a residential or commercial job, he always attends first to safety. Grounding and bonding are paramount in his work, and he meticulously attends to details a homeowner might casually dismiss as “little things,” like under-sized extension cords on heaters and other appliances. These can represent fire hazards because they cause wires to overheat.

Frank will see to it that all circuit breakers are matched to the proper sized wire. He continually stresses that “if you use the wrong size breaker, you can overheat your wires and set the stage for fire.” Frank always makes sure he uses GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protection where necessary.

Proper Electrical Lighting

Frank often uses recessed lighting and track lighting to provide his clients’ homes with optimal illumination. For instance, xenon track lighting, placed strategically under kitchen cabinets, will make granite and quartz counter tops sparkle. This flattering kind of light also eliminates shadows when you’re working on your counter top. If you’re working from a peninsula or island in the center of your kitchen with no cabinets above you, Frank can install pendant lights for a similar effect. Recessed lighting in other rooms can make a home feel clean, restful and more spacious. It’s particularly effective for reading. Commercially, ballasts, florescent bulbs, and compact florescent bulbs are being regulated to a more energy efficient level. These change outs require an electrical installer, especially your 20ft tall paring light fixtures. Call Frank: “the licensed electrical installer for the Poconos!”

Electrical Panel Service Upgrades

It is important to upgrade your electrical panel to accommodate for newer applications, such as additions, pools, jacuzzis, and HVAC equipment. Technology moves along fast, so homeowners need to stay up to date with these kind of services. There are also many different grades of electrical panels, Frank will choose the proper electrical panel for the service you need, depending on if its a home electrical service, a commercial electrical service, or if your electrical service requires heavy equipment and specified upgrades.

CAT 6 Installations

Frank is also up to date with internet installations such as CAT 6 and cable jacks. They do anything from running a couple CAT 6 jacks in a household to running patch panels in offices and rendering them to routers and digital communications.

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