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Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Frank strongly believes that kitchen remodeling & bathroom remodeling are the two things that make a home a home. In fact, they are the two rooms that can clinch the sale of a home. If they are properly designed, and built with the right materials, they are much easier to keep clean, pleasant to be in, and appealing to the eye.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in the Poconos

Frank will begin with a remodeling layout of the work to be done so that you’ll have an accurate picture of the finished remodeled rooms. If your particular project is more involved and you require the services of a designer, Frank can recommend one to you. To keep costs down, Frank will usually handle all phases of the remodeling job.

Frank makes sure that all counter tops, tubs and showers are level to allow for proper drainage. If your kitchen has to be out of service for awhile during remodeling, They will set up a temporary counter top and sink for you. And to make sure each room looks its sparkling best, they will finish off the job in your choice of decorative tiles.

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